Taking the sting out of the score

As the time cap approached on our game last weekend with Salmon Bay 4/5, Coach TQs assistant/co-coach suggested we play a final point and then a “fun” or “spirit” point.  I asked what he meant and he explained that his (high- middle- school?) teams had often end their play together, not by walking off the field as gleeful winners and glum losers, but by ending the game and then playing a final point in some silly way.

He suggested we try having everyone play at once, either as the two teams, or mixed up in whatever way the players thought would be fun.  The kids gravitated quickly to their teammates still standing near the end zones, so about 14 Blasters pulled to a swarm (20?) of Salmon Bay players.  It was hilarious watching such an incredible number of players zooming around the field.  And it took a while to score with so many folks going up for a disc or being in the right place to bat down a pass.

Here are some other fun points to play after the score is settled:

Dinosaur Point

Members of both teams must play the entire point with both arms fully extended (Pterodactyl team) or with both elbows fixed to the body (T-Rex team).  Or everyone on the field can be the same kind of dinosaur, or whichever kind they want!

Layout point

The next point can only be scored by a diving catch.

Crabby point

For the next point everyone has to crab walk.  (Move around belly up with hands and feet on the ground.  Catch and throw with one hand while the other stays on the ground!)

Kneedy point

The next point is played with everyone on their knees.

Roll with it point

The next point is played with everyone rolling around on the ground.  You can sit up to throw or catch the disc.


Do you have a favorite “fun point” you’d like to share?  Name and describe it in the comments!

Final variations that can lighten the mood:

  • have coaches play, too!
  • invite parents to play a point!
  • mix up the members of each team on to different sides for a spirit point

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