Using to illustrate drills

Whether you’re trying to coordinate a practice plan with an assistant coach or “flipping the field” and giving your youth players some homework related to your offensive system, the website can be a useful resource.  The site allows you to register and create your own animations of drills, tactics, games, etc.  You can then embed the animation (e.g. in your team web site), attach a YouTube video that further illustrates the animation, and then share the product via Twitter, Facebook, or a public or private link.

As an example, here’s the embedded version of a simplified horizontal stack continuation drill we use for 7th graders to help them begin to understand when and where to cut and throw to open space —

You can also search their database of plays, drills, and tactics. Sadly, a search for content tagged “youth” in the Ultimate sport only returns 4 results (as of fall 2015).

Screen grab of all "youth" ultimate content on in fall 2015.
Screen grab of all “youth” ultimate content on in fall 2015.

Let’s generate some more youth-specific content!

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