The holy grail: hand block callahan!

A glorious event transpired last week in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A mark in the endzone extended his right arm high up into the heavens, blocked the handler’s cross-field high-release backhand, and then magically closed his fingers around the disc. Or maybe he is spiderman disguised as a Middle Tennessee State University MT Ultimate defender and it just stuck to his palm. Who knows how he did it, but it will probably never happen again. Let all bear witness: the holy grail of ultimate, the hand block callahan, has been filmed.

One thought on “The holy grail: hand block callahan!”

  1. Two years later, this still gives me chills. It’s not only a stunningly rare feat, but also a great example of the joy of ultimate. Members of both teams gracefully switch from competing to celebrating an amazing moment in the game… and in this case the history of the game.

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