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Kids summer league quick warmup

This 10-15 minute warmup was fun & fast for a group of about 22 3rd-6th graders. Try it out with your elementary team!

1) [2 minutes] Run around field to high fives from coach(es)

2) [1 min] Space out arms length apart along one line of cones ~15m away from an opposite cone line:

3) [1 min] Side-shuffle right between cone lines, then shuffle left; alternatively to sideways cross-overs to the right, then left;

4) [1 min] Zombie or Frankenstein kick (swing each step up high to try to touch outstretched arms) to and back from the opposite line;

5) [5-10 min] Make 2 sets of two lines along your original cone line & play paired dog (coaches say “ready, go” & then throw ~20m floaters to each pair that competes to catch it) for 5 min; end w/ high 5s.

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