As a second-year coach of my son’s 5th grade team, I attended a USA Ultimate coaching clinic in Seattle.  I expected to learn practical skills relevant to coaching 3rd-5th grade players.  Instead, I got information about ethics and skill development that was mostly relevant for coaching adults.

I left the clinic thinking I’d just search the web for the youth ultimate resources I sought: fun drills; ways to teach spirit of the game; super-simple offensive and defensive strategies; the best place to get practice discs and jerseys.  Along the way, I was sure I’d find guidance on how to manage the growing 50-player team at my kids’ elementary school: recruitment techniques, on-line calendars, RSVP and roster management tools, and regional events appropriate for our team.

I found some of what I was looking for, but in disparate places.  So, this site is a place to concentrate, organize, and discuss information and tools useful to ultimate coaches, parents, and players — with a focus exclusively on youth (K-12), and an emphasis on the youngest (grades 3-5).  Please join me in sharing what you know and love about the sport! Register to comment, discuss, blog, and/or edit.

— Scott in Seattle

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  1. Hey youth Ultimate coaches,

    As a youth coach, I’ve tried to give players equal playing time, while still assembling the strongest lines of players. I found this was often difficult to do, and I needed a tool to help me keep track of players — who is on the field and who is on the sideline, who has played the least and most, who is next to go on, etc. So I wrote an app for iPhone and iPad (maybe Android coming later?) to help Ultimate coaches manage games. It helps you keep track of players, score, and game time.

    If you’re interested, search in the App Store for “Disc in!”. It’s $2.99 (not trying to get rich, just trying to break even and help the Ultimate community!).

    Thanks, and I hope someone finds it useful!
    Jacob (Seattle area Ultimate)

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