Tools for team organizers or managers

Whether you’re a parent, coach, captain, or dedicated team manager, there are a lot of logistics involved in starting a team or club, and keeping it running smoothly.

Sections coming soon…

  1. How to start a team
  2. Recruitment of players, parents, and a coach
  3. Rosters and placements on teams
  4. Managing volunteers
  5. Finding fields & accessing them
  6. Risk management (waivers, insurance, background checks)
  7. Sample budgets
  8. Organizational options

Links —

  • USAU Affiliate resource list (including an organizer’s resource manual)
  • Team Cowboy — for managing teams, including rosters, schedules, game RSVPs, and emails
  • SmugMug as way to share team photos?
  • Google doc template for team logistics?


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