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Small/Fryz tryouts on December 7 & 14, 2014

2014 tryouts for the Fryz teams (open, girlz, mixed, and small Fryz) are now set for December 7 and 14th (both Sundays) from 10-3 p.m. at Magnuson Park.  Details are archived below from the Fryz website (where you will find the waiver in PDF format) and there is an announcement and some player comments on the Fryz Facebook page.

Last year (December, 2013) 130+ kids attended the first tryout, vying for ~30 spots.  In December 2012 there were 100+ attendees.  That suggests high demand and high growth in demand for more ways to play youth ultimate in Seattle!

The first tryout this year (on Sunday December 7, 2014) should be an exciting chance to see yet another manifestation of the explosive growth in youth ultimate.  Note that the second tryout (on December 14) is by invitation only, each day of tryouts costs $10, and the pre-registration form involves input from both parents and players (a short essay on why you want to play for Fryz).

Some questions and answers, specifically about Small Fryz:

  1. What types of players will benefit from joining a year-round ultimate team as 6th graders?  Is it better to play a variety of sports in middle school, including seasonal ultimate, and then tryout for Fryz in high school?
  2. Who will be coaching Small Fryz this next year?  What is their background and experience?
  3. Is practice for Small Fryz truly year-round, or are there some Sundays off (e.g. holiday weekends)?
  4. Where and how often do Small Fryz compete?  How much travel is involved, for players and parents?
  5. What is the annual fee?  What costs does the fee cover?  What additional costs should be included in a player’s annual budget?

If you know an answer or have other questions, please comment!  We will incorporate further information below as it accumulates…

  1. There are costs and benefits to (and controversy surrounding) single-sport specialization in middle and high school
  2. The Fryz website has a history (2008-2013) of the impressive coaching team and their backgrounds. Coaches of Small Fryz in 2013-14 were
    • Shannon O’Malley – Head coach
    • Angelica “Geli” Boyden
    • Khalif El Salaam
    • Henry Phan
    • Tian Yen
  3. No answers yet.
  4. A current parent sez: “Fryz is mostly about training and conditioning.  They play a hand full of tournaments a year.  High school Fryz (3 teams), play college tournaments and travel is national.  Small Fryz play adult tournaments and travel is local.”
    • Small Fryz has played in these tournaments:
    • Fryz has played in these tournaments:
      • Annual Fryz Highschool Hat Tournament (June; 2012, 2013, 2014)
      • Spawnfest (July 2010; Burlington, WA)
      • Sundodgers (Nov.; 2013 women’s champs; 2012 girlz 2nd)
      • Geofest (2012; adult mixed tournament in Lacy, WA)
      • Chicago Invite (2013 open and girlz champs)
      • Paideia Invitational
      • Amherst Invitational
      • WA/BC Club Sectionals (Sep. 2014)
      • Mixed sectionals (2010)
      • U.S. Youth Club Championships
      • World Ultimate Club Championships
      • Junior Worlds
  5. No answers yet.



Archived information from the Fryz website (where you will find the waiver in PDF format) —

Please pre-register.  There are 2 tryout dates.  December 7th and December 14th. The December 14th Tryout will be by invitation only for all teams: Open, Fry Girlz, Mixed and Small Fryz teams.

Pre-Registration Form: http://goo.gl/forms/kQQayZsOSu

We use our tryouts to evaluate players on the following qualities by playing, drilling, conditioning and character.

Being a good teammate, fitness, dedication to Fryz, dedication to the sport of ultimate, spirit of the  game, skill, desire and ability to have fun while competing at a high level.  We expect our players to maintain a 2.5 GPA, which is monitored 2-3 times/year by coaches to ascertain whether extra help (from coaches or teammates) is necessary to remain a student first and an athlete second. We also expect our players to remain role models in our community by their stewardship to ultimate as well as their behavior on and off the field – fighting, drinking and the use of illegal drugs are prohibited on and off the field for members of the Fryz team.  We expect dedication from team members and practice attendance is not optional – delinquency is grounds for removal from the team. (Please note that we practice most Sundays year around from 2:00pm-4:00pm).  If the player makes the team, there is a yearly membership.  (All players participate regardless of their ability to fund.) – part and full scholarships are available upon request.

Tryouts are for 4 teams:
Fryz Open • Fry Girlz • Mixed • Small Fryz

Location: Magnuson Park
*Potential carpool: If you are unable to get to Magnuson Park, we will be offering carpools based on demand. Please indicate your need for or your ability to provide a carpool

Times: 10:00am-3:00pm.  Be there 30 minutes early for registration & warm-up

Ages: 6th grade – 12th grade

Cost: $10 (per Tryout day)

If you are interested in trying out, pre-register (with a photo) and download the waiver below, sign and send back.  Please make sure all the contact information is legible so that we can contact you after tryouts.  If you turn in a waiver at the first Tryout on Dec 7th, you will not need to do it again at the second Tryout on Dec 14th. However, a 2nd Tryout fee of $10 will be requested if you are invited back.  Please show up 30 minutes early to register and warm up.  Please bring plenty of water, light and dark jersey with numbers or names.

*Fryz is represented by 18 different high schools and 13 different middle schools from the greater Seattle area. Last year, 28 high schools and 21 middles schools were represented at tryouts. In order to keep our reach as broad as possible, we are testing out the possibility of carpools for tryouts and throughout the practice year.

2014 Fryz clinic for elementary & middle school players

This June 7 (Saturday) the high school Fryz team is again hosting a clinic for elementary and middle schoolers.  All of the coaches are on either girls Fryz, ranked first in the nation for HS ultimate, or boys Fryz, also in the top 3 in the nation.

Fryz Elementary/MS clinic (link to site)


  • Saturday, June 7, 2014, 9-12 a.m.
  • on-site registration starts at 8:30
  • print and bring waiver (direct download link)
  • $10/player
  • Magnuson Park (Turf Field #7)
  • Bring dark and light jerseys, lunch, and plenty of water

Spring/summer 2014 youth ultimate events and camps

Registration has recently opened for some ultimate opportunities — from fun weekends to summer camps.  Here they are in chronological order:

1) Saturday, April 5, 2014, from 9-4 in Issaquah (ages 8-101)
Fly for Life — ultimate fun day to raise awareness about and benefit organ transplant in WA

2) Saturday, May 31, 2014, 12-8 p.m.
Spring Jam tournament for elementary school players

3) Saturday, June 7, 2014, 9-12 ($10, on-site registration)
Fryz Elementary/MS clinic

The HS Fryz team is hosting a clinic for elementary and middle schoolers.  All of the coaches are on either girls Fryz, ranked first in the nation for HS ultimate, or boys Fryz, also in the top 3 in the nation.

Cost: $10 (all players)
Please be there early
Registration starts at 8:30 a.m.
Location: Magnuson Park (Turf Field #7)
Bring: dark and light jerseys, lunch, and plenty of water.


4) UpDawg tournament by UW Element

Up Dawg is a coed youth hat tournament put on by the University of Washington women’s ultimate frisbee team, Element.  Middle school players of all skill and experience levels register as individuals.  Each is placed on a team with other middle schoolers.  Teams are coached by Element players and play 3 or 4 games in the tournament.  At the end of the day, everyone comes together to celebrate spirited play.

Here are the details:

Who can play: middle school players (school year grades 5-8) of all skill and experience levels.
When: June 7, 2014, 1-5 pm; registration form due by May 20, 2014
Where: Magnuson Park
Cost: $40 (sliding scale upon request)

This tournament is a both a fundraiser for UW Element and a chance for their players to share their love of ultimate with our community.

5)  Summer camps
3 camp sessions available to 8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds, 12-13 year olds, and high schoolers.
2014 dates:

  • Session 1: Monday June 16- Friday June 20 (Seattle Public School still in session)
  • Session 2: Monday June 23- Friday June 27
  • Session 3: Monday August 18- Friday August 22

Youth ultimate in Seattle

The spring of 2014 is an exciting time to be involved with youth ultimate in Seattle.  The sport is rapidly growing here at many levels, providing kids with not only more opportunities to play, but also lots of inspiration from collegiate and adult tournaments.

At the K-5 level, the DiscNW spring elementary league has a record 37 teams competing in four divisions!  That will make for some great competition both at the regional Spring Reign tournament on April 26 and in the spring league playoffs on May 17.

At the middle school level (grades 6-8), the DiscNW spring middle school league has 68 coed/boys/girls/combined teams in A/A2, B, C, and D divisions.  It will be interesting to see how their rivalries evolve both in the league and at Spring Reign, especially after the 8th public middle school season last fall in which 3 teams tied with perfect spirit scores.

There’s more going on at the high school level and beyond that I haven’t fully mapped.  The Emerald City League has both girls and boys (6-12?) from local private school playing this season.  And then there’s Fryz and Small-Fryz…

As for inspiration, the most exciting thing I learned at the coaches clinic (from Mike) is that the Northwest Challenge is happening right here in Seattle in a week!  This is a tournament that will bring some of the best U.S. college women teams together for some amazing games on 3/24-25.   There is also an opener exhibition game on Friday night (3/23) in Ballard between the 2012 Champs UW Element and the 2013 Champs OregonFugue.  Stay up to speed with their Twitter feed: NWChallenge

Finally, young players may also be inspired by the major league and other National competition.  While the second season of the Rainmakers will be exciting to watch in the MLU, the American Ultimate Disc League  is reaching out to young players… but that’s the subject of a separate post!

Holler in the comments if you know of other youth ultimate activities or particularly inspiring play going on this spring.